Neoclassical sofa - Code: 605

Neoclassical sofa

- Sofa 3 Dimensions: 2400x850x1150
- Tea table size: 600x600x600
- Colour: Gilt Classic
- Raw wood: Beech
- Material covered: luxury fabrics (Italy)
- Time to complete: 45 days
- Warranty: 1 year

Detailed product information
- Upholstered Sofa tape 2400x850x1150mm senior velvet fabric imported from Italy, silky and airy. D40 antibacterial sucking with high strength, good elasticity, brings comfortable feeling, to sit.
- The frame is made of beech wood was imported from Europe have undergone anti-mold treatment, termite. Good bearing capacity, not distorted, warped, for long time use.
- Beech Chair legs using gold Italy has a high degree of certainty, good strength, ensure safety for users.
- Design a long bench along the back seat and armrest seasoned, so you can tilt your head to rest, relax the body after a tiring day of work. The edges are rounded design helps increase the softness and sophistication in design.
- You can put a sofa in the living room, office, living room of the company ... With beautiful design and elegant gray tones, the product had contributed to the chic style, modern living space