Modern sofa

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The modern furniture line is inspired by everyday life and culture to create products for people. The smoothness, luxury of design, handmade production with a modern style is always what Emporio is aiming for.

Modern sofa

Frame material: Stainless steel - Cast bronze - Beech wood - Red wood
Upholstery material: Cowhide or Fabric of your choice - Imported from Europe

Benefits and policies at Emporio.

1. High-class products, handcrafted, stainless steel, copper, solid natural wood, finishing materials imported from Europe.

2. You can choose your favorite color.

3. 2 years warranty and free maintenance.

4. Installation and free shipping nationwide

5. Customers are tested from the beginning to the end of the product

Durability of the product - Foam mattress - Stainless steel - Solid brass

- Persistence over time

- Foam mattress is used with many different layers to create a comfortable softness with high quality young latex foam mattress.

- Products are provided by large factories with modern machinery and international standards.

- We absolutely do not use recycled materials.

Finishing materials - Cowhide - Interior fabric

- Cowhide imported from Italy where the world's best tanning technology is available, ensuring smoothness and softness to eliminate irritants to the Skin. Safe for health.

- The leather part is treated with high durability. Especially, customers can order colors according to their requirements, freely choose colors.

- High quality upholstery fabric is imported from Italy, Belgium, Netherlands.

 - Meticulously completed from seams, pleats, designs to create sofa masterpieces.