Makeup table

Makeup table

Modern life is developing, the beauty of women is an indispensable need. Understanding this, Emporio launched the Neoclassical Dressing Table. Designed with a classic style mixed with a bit of modern. Neoclassical dressing table brings beauty, elegance, meticulousness and sophistication.

Emporio's design styles are the ideas of leading experts. Using neutral colors such as wood, white cream, .... Neoclassical dressing table will make your bedroom more cozy and equally luxurious.

Come to Emporio - a European-style furniture manufacturer to feel the sophistication and luxury in each product. Emporio not only brings high-class and quality products but also very affordable prices, certainly will not disappoint you.

Some models of dressing table:
Use neutral colors, creamy white colors and made from Beech or Acacia wood. This neoclassical dressing table will make you happy because it will increase the sophistication and elegance of your room

Beautiful dressing tableGolden dressing table
The plastic dressing table model, which is designed to be simple, light and full of functions, is the perfect choice for small and medium sized modern bedrooms.

You are a lover of light and passionate about sophistication. Please contact Emporio for the desired products.

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