Interior gilded

Interior gilded

Gold inlaid Swan sofa

Product size: 750 x 800 x 1150ood material: Red wood

Gold material: CN 24K . gold

Completion time: 5 days.

The cost of gold-plated Swan sofa

With outstanding advantages that give the product luxury and class, the price for a gold-plated sofa is not low. In addition, to quote a price for a gold-plated product depends greatly on the customer's requirements such as: Source of raw materials, gold type, golden ratio and an indispensable part is the area and product details. .

Process: Gold-plated Swan chair requires high skill and experience, so the construction price is also high. To choose a reasonable price with quality products, you should let the units come directly to the survey and give a detailed quote. After comparing several units, you will find the most reasonable price list.

Unit: Prestigious Gold Inlaid Construction In Ho Chi Minh City
Gold-plated furniture Emporio is not only a company producing gilded furniture but also a supplier of high quality gold-plated materials and construction in Ho Chi Minh City.

Emporio specializes in projects that require high quality and aesthetics.

Professional construction: Technical, aesthetic, completion time as committed.

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