Inlaid gold interior - Code: 1047

Inlaid gold interior

Gold inlaid process
Gold inlaid requires the surface of the object to be smooth, waterproof before spraying glue, after the glue will be gilded on the surface of the object, a lot of professional tools must be used to process from the preparation stage. give the surface to the tools to cut the gold, keep the gold leaf, and cover the gold.

Gold inlaid is divided into 2 types, gold inlaid using oil-based glue and gold inlaid using water-based glue. The water-based acacia inlaid here can only be used in the interior and is cheaper than the oil base, but is considered to make the surface less polished. However, with experienced workers, they will be able to achieve quality not less than oil glue.

Oil inlaid with gold is widely applied to objects from indoor to outdoor, from walls, ceilings, picture frames, interior wood to outdoor buildings such as monuments, domes, walls, and both vehicles ...

Inlaid gold is applied to most precious gold and metal leaves such as copper leaf, silver leaf and aluminum foil, today large projects also use gold instead of real gold called Gold Metal with lower investment cost. much more than pure gold but still offers equally luxurious beauty.

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