Inlaid dining table - Code: 2188

Inlaid dining table

Round table inlaid with gold

Table size: 1450 x 1450 x 800

Size of chair: 560 x 580 x 1150

Color: Black inlaid with gold

Wood material: Red wood - Beech imported from Germany

Cover material: European imported velvet fabric

ID: B85 / G26

Emporio's classic dining table has a variety of designs, sizes and materials. Emporio's classic dining table products not only have beautiful design but also classy luxury, each product has its own style and personality.

Luxury European style gilded dining table
A delicious meal is always the wish of every family. Dining space plays a very important role in Vietnamese culture. Classic furniture Emporio offers beautiful and delicate dining room spaces, which is a harmonious combination between dining tables, dining chairs, cabinets, decorations ... for you comfort, closeness and comfort.

Catching up with today's modern trends, Emporio is always proud of being the leading luxury furniture brand in Vietnam.

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