Goldleaf interior

Goldleaf interior

Golden Ingredients 

1. Golden saplings are new technologies being used in furniture production in European countries. People use the leaves are very thin gold, laminated to the product, the whole process is meticulously done by hand, one by one. Golden leaves are used in various types of gold 24k, gold 18k, gold 14k used in industry. Depending on the requirements of customers that choose the type of gold as desired.

2. The product when it is gold plated will be more durable, shiny, shining than the technology of gold paint or yellow gold paint.

3. Understand simple, gold interior is to use gold to decorate furniture in the home, creating a new class, more luxurious, more modern. Moreover, gold is also a symbol of wealth, rich people, gold inlaid furniture in the hope to welcome more fortune into the house.

4. There are many furniture that can be gold plated. There may be some furniture such as furniture, cabinets, ceilings, mirrors, picture frames, statues, gypsum ceiling, gold in the living room, inlaid gold picture frame, gold inlaid desk, inlaid Golden bed bedroom ...

5. In general, wooden furniture can be gold.

6. Address gold inlaid professional furniture

Golden sapling is an art that has existed since ancient times. After many years, it has survived and developed strongly to bring a very beautiful, very classy, ​​noble and noble beauty…

7. Gold is a soft, pliable metal, easy to thin, light, not chemically affected by temperature, humidity, oxygen, most corrosive, etc. Gold is precious metal, Show class, ...

8. Come to us, you will be admired the model of gold in beautiful furniture,

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