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Gold inlaid material

Gold inlaid material
1. Golden sate is a new technology is being used in the production of wooden furniture of European countries. People use the leaves are very thin, laminated to the product, the whole process is meticulously done by hand, leaf one. Golden leaves are used in various types of gold 24k, gold 18k, gold 14k used in industry. Depending on the requirements of customers that choose gold as desired.
2. The product when it is gold plated will be more durable, glossy, iridescent than the technology of painting gold or gold paint.
3. There are many furniture that can be gold plated. Some furniture such as furniture, cabinets, ceilings, mirrors, picture frames, Buddha statues, gypsum ceiling, gilded living room, gilded picture frame, gold inlaid desk, inlaid golden bedroom bed ...

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