Bed neoclassical - Code: 549

Bed neoclassical

Bed: 1800x2000 - 52
Bedside: 650x550x600 - 16.8
Dressing table: 1800x550x800 - 42.5
Upholstery material: Fabric imports Italy
Raw wood: Beech
Duration of warranty: 1 year

Neoclassical bed:
- Made from beech wood European imports 100% natural wood is durable high-tech coating increases resistance to termites and wood quality as well as the limited stability warping during use .
- Neo-classical design but no less luxurious
- Owning a classic gam warm and compact structure
- Our products are designed to be simple and lightweight sculpted contours but no less luxurious, provides space contribute to your bedroom traditional but equally modern. Premium upholstered headboard helps you use the most comfortable softness.
- With a standard size, you can use the size mattresses 1800x2000 cm.So warm organic tones and textures certainly ensure optimal reliability during use, create focal points for the bedroom yours


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