Bed inlaid gold - Code: 5161 G

Bed inlaid gold

Product dimensions
Bed: 1800 x 2000
Bedside cabinet: 600 x 550 x 600
Dressing table: 1800 x 550 x 800
Wardrobe: 2400 x 600 x 2300
Wood material: Beech imported from Germany
Wrap material: Imported Italian fabric
Time to complete: 90 days
Operating time: 2 Years

Classic bed inlaid with European-style gold is the perfect choice for owners who have exquisite taste and want to show their class and wealth.

Bed design is both sophisticated and exuding elegance, bringing elegance, nobility and showing the power and wealth of the homeowner.

Bed inlaid gold


Each line, carved patterns are meticulously cared, creating a masterpiece of art for the luxurious bedroom interior space.
This beautiful classic gold-plated bed makes the room look luxurious and noble. The headboard is accented with brocade and extremely delicate carvings, the color of the mattress is warm with delicate decorative motifs. The two sides of the bedside table with graceful winding design highlights the charm of the bedroom.

The headboard is elegantly designed with intricate carvings and patterns, creating a sense of certainty and peace of mind when lying down.
This classic bed is a great gift for owners who love classic European style. The headboard, the wall of the bed is extremely intricately carved, making the bed seem to turn into a perfect work of art to arrange for the bedroom space.
The lavish villas are well suited to the classic European-style bedroom decorated with extravagant gold inlaid. Gently cream color combined with decorative details inlaid with gold, sophisticated to bring classic beauty mixed with modern sophistication.

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